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Introducing Engineer Your Life’s weekly blog!

The EYL blog is a place where teenage girls can learn about cool engineering jobs, meet inspiring female engineers and students, and find fresh info on scholarships, events and happenings in the engineering world.

It’s also a place for parents, educators, and engineers to find engineering resources, tips and stories that will help you connect with young women about this exciting and rewarding field.

Please share the EYL blog with the girls you work with, and/or any colleagues, educators, and engineers you know!

You can find a link to the blog on EYL’s homepage above (next to the YouTube link). This week we are featuring a story on how engineering meets Hollywood in the exciting world of audio engineering.

Any questions or comments? Bring them on! Post them to the blog’s comment link.

Thank you!

Ellen Robinson
Outreach Coordinator
Engineer Your Life

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