2015 TECh Results

See photos from the 2015 Tulsa Engineering Challenge: The first is a view of the MD80 in the morning sun.  It was moved out at 7 AM to make room for the 1,200 students participating in the 14 events. Scroll through the photos to see the various events.

2015 TECh Challenge

Here is a link to a 2015 TECh video. https://youtu.be/wlKWABXuTp4

2015 Tulsa Engineering Challenge Summary of Winners – link

TECh results for the individual events are below:

1. Academic Olympiad  link (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place only)

2. Aluminum Foil Boat link

3. Chemical Switch  link

4. Digital Poster  link

5. Electrical Motor  link

6. Extreme Engineering Challenge  link

7. Mini-Math  8th grade and under Upper Division

8. Paper Airplane Distance  link

9. Paper Airplane Duration  link

10. Ping-Pong Ball Launcher  link

11. Robot  link

12. Rubber Band Powered Vehicle  link updated 3/15/2015

13. Toothpick Bridge  link

14. Wacky Wonder Works  link