Discovery Lab

TEF’s Tulsa Engineering Challenge is excited about a partnership with the Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab.

The Discovery Lab is offering three opportunities for students to get some hands-on experience with several of the competitions.

  1. TECh Classroom Workshops helps your students build skills to succeed in several of the TECh competitions. These workshops are one-hour classes with student-led inquiry and open-ended facilitation by museum educators at your school.  Event-based Workshops are offered for the Chemical Switch, Electric Motor, Ping Pong Ball Launcher, and Rubber Band Powered Vehicle.  Skills-based Workshops are offered for Buoyancy (Aluminum Boat), Flight & Design (Paper Airplane), and Bridge Building (Toothpick Bridge).
  2. TECH Team Workshops helps teams of 2 – 4 students develop their entries for the following competitions: Electric Motor, Ping Pong Ball Launcher, Chemical Switch, and Rubber Band Powered Vehicle. They are scheduled on the weekends starting Jan 13.  See the attached flyer for dates and times.  Please share with your parents.
  3. TECh Drop-in Workshops are a great opportunity for your students to make tweaks and test their project.  Discover Lab educators will be on hand to answer questions regarding the following projects: Chemical Switch, Electric Motor, Rubber Band Powered Launcher, Aluminum Boat, Paper Airplane, and Toothpick Bridge.

Scholarships may be available through the Tulsa Engineering Foundation be filling out the TECH Grant Request form.