2024 TECh Results

2024 Tulsa Engineering Challenge Winners as of 3/15/2024   Link

TECh results for the individual events are below:  Competitions, except Mini Math Al Boat, are sorted by Division (Lower, Middle, and Upper).  The winners are listed first, the rest are sorted by Team Number.  Mini Math and Aluminum Boat are sorted by School, then student name.

1. Academic Olympiad (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place only ) see Summary of Winners list above

2. Aluminum Foil Boat   Link

3. Chemical Switch   Link

4. Digital Poster   Link

5. Electrical Motor   Link

6. Extreme Engineering Challenge   Link

7. Mini Math   Link

8. Paper Airplane Distance   Link

9. Paper Airplane Duration   Link

10. Ping Pong Ball Launcher   Link

11. Robot   Link

12. Rubber Band Powered Vehicle   Link

13. Toothpick Bridge   Link

14. Wacky Wonder Works   Link