Overview of TEF

The Tulsa Engineering Foundation was established by the Engineers’ Society of Tulsa in the 1980’s as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation to provide:

  • Educational facilities and programs relating to the engineering profession.
  • Operate exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.
  • Qualify for IRS tax exemption under Section 510 (c) (3).

TEF’s members are local chapters or professional-technical societies and educational institutions.  A board of Elected Trustees is selected from representatives of the member organizations.  The officers are elected from the Trustees annually.  The TEF meets quarterly and holds its annual meeting in July.  Annual dues are $100.  TEF has a modest endowment fund with the ability to receive a wide range of donations and bequests.

TEF serves as a clearing house and coordinating agency to foster cooperative and joint activities among the member societies.  Educational outreach activities are the premier functions, including the founding and sponsoring of the annual Tulsa Engineering Challenge (TECh), and more recently aiding with the regional MATHCOUNTS competition and initiating a Project Grant program.  A continual fund raising campaign raises $10,000 to $20,000 annually through donations from foundations, businesses, individuals and member organizations to supplement the dues income and other fund raising activities. TEF maintains a website (www.tulsaenginer.org) with facilities for member organizations to announce programs.