Questions may be sent to


Q. Can home school students attend?

A. Yes!  Any 4th – 12th grade student(s) may attend with a teacher or parent.  Please make sure good names and contact information is given when registering so that prize money is sent to the correct person.

Q. What if I need help?

A. The Discovery Lab offers sessions over certain competitions, click here for more info.  You can also email any questions in and they will be forwarded to the lead judge of the activity.

Q. Are there pictures of past competitions that might help me?

A. See our Facebook page for historical pictures.

Q. Is food available at the TECh Challenge?

A. Yes – food and drinks are available for purchase.  Students and teachers may also bring their own snacks/food.

Q. My school wants to attend but we can’t afford a bus or substitute teacher.

A. Email us to inquire about sponsorships.


Robot – 

Q. Is the Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit an acceptable source of components for the robot event? 

A. Yes, the Lego Mindstorm EV3 is acceptable.


Rubber Band Vehicle –

Q. Can I use a remote control?

A. The contestants may only set the car on the track and let go.  No remote control may be used.

Q.  Is it okay to attach a string to the rubber band and then attach to the axles?

A. This is acceptable, as long as it is not a stretchy material for the string, such that it could store energy to power the car.  All material stretches, so I am more concerned with something that I could perceive from simple human observation.  Only the rubber bands may supply the energy.


Toothpick Bridge – 

Q. Does the roadway requirement limit my bridge shape?

A. As long as you have a defined roadway, the design is acceptable.  The rules are just trying to say that this is a roadway bridge and there should be a roadway included in the structure.   A roadway at the top of the bridge is acceptable.  A pure arch with no roadway would not be acceptable.

Q. Can the toothpicks be longer than 2½ inches? Must the toothpicks be tapered at the ends?

A. The intention is to use “standard” restaurant style toothpicks and that everybody uses the same type of toothpicks.  .  These are 2.5″ round with tapered ends.

The picture below shows an example.

This does not preclude the builder from making longer structural elements from the toothpicks. The toothpicks may be cut and/or glued together as discussed in the rules.