Tulsa Engineering Foundation is a foundation of engineering societies and universities/colleges, formed to assist in coordinating activities and services for the member societies and to promote science, math and engineering in the community.  It is a not-for-profit charitable organization, with the mission of serving the engineering profession and offering career guidance activities to our youth. Currently twenty engineering/technical organizations are members as well as seven universities and colleges.  Link to Member Organizations. Check the calendar for member society meetings and events.  Most are open to the public.

2016 Pipeline and Energy Expo – Call for Papers The Tulsa Engineering Foundation will again partner with ‘dmg events’ on the technical program part of the Expo. The Pipeline + Energy Exp brings pipeline and energy professionals together.   In the past, we have provided speakers for the program.  TEF receives a grant of $3,000 from the Expo which is very important to TEF’s programs, scholarships, etc.  Dmg events was brought in two years ago to revitalize the Expo.  This coming year the Expo is trying to expand its reach to include industries other than the pipeline sector.  TEF would like to help in that regard.

Please canvas your society members for any interest in presenting next year. Flyer for  Call for papers.  TPEE is Sept 19-21, 2016 in Tulsa.  Deadline to submit your proposal is April 15, 2016.

Also, TEF has been asked to provide a Technical Committee to review papers submitted for the program.  If you are interested in participating as a committee member, please send your information to jeff.arnoldi@gmail.com.

NEW RESOURCE FOR ENGINEERING SPEAKERS– The nonprofit Tulsa Partners, Inc. has established a Community Resilience Speakers Bureau. The CRSB, which is funded by a grant from State Farm Insurance, is a free service that provides qualified, expert professionals to come talk to community groups on a variety of subjects including things like environmental sustainability, disaster resilience, business continuity, green construction, community outreach, low-impact development, and a multitude of other topics. The following links show their website with more information, as well as a request form, and a link to the bio pages for each of their speakers.

Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance – TRSA has a website www.tulsastem.org The website lists current activities, future events, and an awesome calender that lists many of the things TRSA has going on.  You can even add your own STEM events.  What a great resource for us all. TRSA was launched early in 2014 and already has made a significant impact in our community.  Vision: The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance works as a catalyst to create a collaborative ecosystem that encourages business/industry and the education community to produce innovative pathways resulting in a  highly skilled STEM workforce able to drive economic prosperity while meeting the needs of a globally competitive Tulsa region. TEF as well as several of our member organizations are coalition partners.

Do You Talk With Students about Engineering? “You’ve got to see it to be it!” Inspiring youth to follow in your footsteps as a scientist or engineer is important outreach work. Invest a little time in your own preparation as a STEM role model by checking out the free online Role Models Matter training developed by Techbridge at www.techbridgegirls.org/rolemodelsmatter. Create a free account to track your progress through the modules, and take the survey to give feedback on this National Science Foundation-funded project.  Topics include Sharing About You (crafting your personal introduction), Giving Girls Feedback, and Crowd Control.

Is There an Engineer Inside You?: A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering now available free on the TEF SWE webpage.  Click here for the link. Award winning author Celeste Baine wrote it after she earned her Biomedical Engineering degree.  It is everything she wished she knew before she went to college. The latest edition covers 43 different types of engineering and engineering technology, how to succeed in engineering school, women and minorities in engineering, engineering careers that make you say “wow!, salary information and more.

Updated Engineering Definition – “Engineers are changing the world all of the time. They dream up creative, practical solutions and work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and create things that matter.”

Effective ways to talk about engineering:
  • Change what you say about Engineering. Talk about the rewarding, creative aspects of engineering, how you collaborate with other smart and interesting people, and how the work you do makes a difference in this world. Use words like design or create (vs build). Also use words like: collaborate, innovation, financially secure, imagination, contribution.
  • Change the images you use to promote Engineering.  Update the fliers to include people. Test your marketing materials with your target group prior to release.
  • Change how we teach Engineering. Put Engineering in context early in the curriculum and in outreach activities.
  • Train others about the updated messaging. Inform your public relations, marketing, and recruiting departments within your company and volunteer activities. Train all volunteers prior to a major K-16 outreach activity.
  • Update your bio with the updated messaging. Use proven marketing-tested tag lines in your e-mail signature.
  • Join the Changing the Conversation community. “Like” facebook.com/engineersCTC and stay up to date with how others are implementing the new messaging.
  • Show your support, “Like” facebook.com/EngineerPledge

Top messaging and tag lines proven effective to explain “What is Engineering”:  link to TGC

  • Engineers make a world of difference
  • Engineers are creative problem solvers
  • Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety
  • Engineers help shape the future
  • TAGLINE: Turing ideas into reality
  • TAGLINE: Because dreams need doing
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  • Thu 12/3/2015: CSI: Stages of Construction Part 1 - The World of Civil Engineering Coordination
  • Fri 12/11/2015: SAME: Holiday Social at My Photo Studio
  • Thu 12/17/2015: Engineers' Night Out - Christmas Edition
  • Wed 1/6/2016: NEOK ASHRAE January Meeting
  • Thu 2/4/2016: NEOK ASHRAE Annual Research Auction
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